Leadership Development

Executive coaching provides the opportunity, time, and place for high potential managers to improve their leadership and communication skills. Delivered within the context of a company’s strategic business objectives, coaching develops a leader’s ability to more effectively motivate and inspire his/her stakeholders. Executive coaching uses feedback from colleagues and associates to identify obstacles to success and develop road maps for excellence in leadership. The return on investment is measurable in terms of quantifiable improvements in performance and productivity.

Choosing the best coach is a matter of assuring exceptional chemistry between the executive and coach. To make it easier for companies to sift through the expanding pool of coaches, Richard Levin & Associates, Inc. has created a team of independent, experienced coaches, communications specialists, and consultants who advise business and political leaders on strategic, cultural, and organizational change. Our associates guide high potential managers and senior leaders toward higher performance, higher standards, greater accountability, and routine excellence.
Services provided by Richard Levin & Associates include:

– Executive Coaching
– Management Consulting
– Consultation on Strategic, Cultural, and Organizational Change
– Media Coaching
– Strategy Implementation Coaching
– Career and Transition Coaching
– Leadership Development
– Communications Training
– Presentation Skills coaching and training
– Customer Service Consultation
– Family Business Consultation
– Facilitation of Board or Management Team Retreats
– Work/Family Policy Development
– Team-Building and Communication Workshops
– Talent Audits
– Specialized programs for nonprofit organizations, including Board governance and Board/Staff relations

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